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So, you want a free Netflix account but you are too poor to afford HQ proxies ?
Here is a method for you which can be done WITHOUT checking accounts and so without proxies !
It will take about 2-5 minutes for you to get access to a PREMIUM Netflix accounts.

It is fully working, I tested it today [18/04/2020] and it still works great !

First, you will want to search up Netflix cookies. Here are some dorks that you can use on google to leech some.

Code: inurl:netflix inurl:netflix inurl:netflix netflix netflix netflix

inurl:netflix "cookies" netflix "cookies" netflix "cookies"

What you are searching for are either raw json in text file (in sites like pastebin) or *.json files (in uploaders). DO NOT TRUST exe files or anything like that, and avoid cash links.You can also modify those dorks with another sites.The *.json file must have been uploaded in 1-3 days max. Otherwise it won't work anymore.

When you found your first JSON file, you will need to inject it into your browser. I will be using J2Team Cookies, it's a chrome extension, you can look that up on the chrome app store or use another one if you like.
First, you will have to go to and click on the cookie icon on the top right.

On this one you will have to click the import button and select your file. Find your JSON file and click "Open".

If it says "Done!" and you had a working Netflix cookie, you will be automatically redirected on the Netflix Homepage.

And here you go, you have access to all Netflix programs for free !
If you are redirected to the "Choose your plan" page, then your cookie isn't working correctly. Try with another one, it is why this method can take up 5 minutes. Be patient and you will find a working one.