Tutorial Protect Your Identity Online |How to Remain Anonymous | 2020



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At the era of data theft and everything remaining anonymous is very crucial. I have read alot of ebooks online (paid as well as free) about remaining anonymous and hiding your identity online. All of the books lacks something so not everyone is perfect. So I collected all of the informations that I have learnt from those ebooks and is sharing here completely free for our TechRim family. I know this post is going to be too long so I have decided to break the article in different parts. but read it through the end and you will get pretty good idea about this . Let me say everything in summary.

1. Operating System
Protect Your Identity Online – Which OS shall you use
Many Guides online may suggest you to use Ubuntu to hide your identity online. That’s great in some extent too but with the newest additions of Ubuntu, they index and record your filesystem and searching habits to get few bucks out of you. So don’t shift to Ubuntu just because you want to remain anonymous.

2. Encryption

Every site today is encrypted by HTTPS and veracrypt. Is it enough to protect your privacy online? I think you all have the answer for this and that is obviously a big “NO” . I have seen some people who are serious about their privacy using the GPG encryption 5096 bit RSA even while sending a message just to ensure that if their connection got sniffed, they never read the message.

3. Tor / VPN


Yeah using VPN, Proxies or everything is great but don’t think that just using the VPNs will help you protect your identity. You have to do some work in yourself to protect your identity. Apart from using tor/ vpn what you should do is change the mac address every time you use your device.

4. Do not upload picture taken from your phone

Yeah this sounds crazy but you should never upload the picture taken from the phone. I know sometimes I too upload the pictures taken from my phone but thats the bad practice. You know why? Because while we capture the picture from our mobile phone the pictures embeds with the GPS cord of where you took that picture. Plus there could be a features within the picture itself that can give away who you are. I have read couple of news about ATM hackers who got caught because of their silly mistake of uploading picture from their phone.
Thats the pretty much summary of how you can remain anonymous online. Hey wait wait! That’s not enough to keep you 100% anonymous online. I will explain everything in details to make sure you remains anonymous. Not only ISP’s but even government agents will be able to see what you are doing online.
If your privacy really matters for you then don’t quit reading here. Continue reading.