Premium PC working slow ? 5 Ways to make it FASTER



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1. Uninstall Unwanted software .
While downloading a particular software we tend to allow download for other softwares which is not required by us. So to remove it here's the method .

Open your start menu
Type Control panel
Navigate to program and features
Select the unwanted software and uninstall it

2. Deleting temporary log files
So while your are working on some file or software your PC generates some log files for that particular instance of time . Later on those log files are not needed for any use.So one can delete those files. So here are the steps to do that

Press Windows+R (A Run dialogue box will pop up)
Type %temp% (Type the command and hit Enter)
And delete and the files .( If some files are not deleting then don't worry may be that log is currently in use)

3. Disable unwanted startup programs
So unknowingly sometimes we give permission to those unwanted software to start as soon as you start your PC. So all you have to do is disable those softwares. Do not disable your antivirus .

Right click on your Taskbar and a menu will pop out

Click on the Task manager option and your task manager will open.
Navigate to startup option in the Task bar

From here you can select the programs which will run at the startup and which will not just enable/disable from bottom right corner

4. Reduce windows animation
Your transition from one window to another or other high graphic appearance you use make your PC slow at it consumes lot of RAM space.So to turn of that thing

Right click on My computer
Navigate to property

On the right side menu Click on Advance system setting

In the performance section click on setting
Adjust the setting to Best performance

Now your performance will boost but appearance will degrade.

5. Disk cleanup
So all the files are stored in your drives.Along with that files also some junk files are generated and stored which consumes space and junk your system

Open start menu
Type Disk Cleanup

select the drive you want to scan for junks and hit OK


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