Tutorial How To Get Free Netflix Trial Without Getting Charged



Netflix is the prime video streaming service that provides a huge variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more entertaining series during this era. Everyone chooses Netflix as the most entertaining and relaxing way to use their free time. It has various types of content for every kind of audience. The main drawback of Netflix is that it isn’t free to utilize. You have to purchase their subscription plan for watching their content. The Premium plan costs about $16 per month whereas the Basic plan costs $8 once a month.

Every person can’t pay this amount for a subscription every month. Netflix plans may put lots of burden on your pockets. But, Netflix gives a free trial for audiences to try their services. However, they need you to give your credit card details to use the free trial. If you are not interested in using your credit card with Netflix or if you don’t have a credit card and want to open your free trial on Netflix then I’ll assist you. You can use various methods to get a Netflix free trial without being charged.
1. Netflix Additional Free trials:-
Netflix provides a free trial of one month to check out their services and to decide on purchasing the subscription plan. For enjoying this all, you should do is to register with your email & credit card credentials on Netflix. When the free trial runs out, you’ll be automatically debited for the pack, you have picked during signing up. So, to avail additional free trials other than that they give during initial registration you have to cancel the membership ahead before the free trial plan ends. Netflix is well-known for offering its audience an extra free trial through email a few months later. But, it isn’t applicable to everyone and depends on the circumstances. If you are the holder of credit card, debit card or PayPal then you can enjoy three trials of Netflix streaming. This method works when you can wait for a long time to use their service.

2. Netflix Subscription Plan With Airtel:-
This way is mainly for Indian Airtel postpaid and broadband users. Airtel has collaborated with Netflix in India for promotion and giving free trial on Netflix to its postpaid & broadband customers. You have to register for the Airtel broadband service and receive a gift plan with 3 months of free subscription on Netflix.

3. Netflix Account Sharing:-
You can save your money on Netflix now if your family or relatives already own a Netflix account then they can share it with you as the premium subscription can be utilized by four people simultaneously whereas the standard subscription can be shared by two people. Netflix gives this specification to your favourite shows & genres based on your choice. You can create a maximum of five profiles per account. The disadvantage of using this way is you can’t have different passwords for every profile. As all the profiles will sign in using the same login details when someone tries to log in, Netflix will ask who is using and shows the list of profiles that are using your account. The one who is watching has to choose their profile to start watching on Netflix. Since you will be sharing login details, use this with only trusted persons.

4. Netflix Free Trial With Debit Card:-
In emerging countries like India, there are more debit cardholders than credit card owners. Netflix doesn’t permit you to input a debit card details to use a free trial. They request you to input credit card credentials. So, here is a way to use your debit card details to unlock a free trial on Netflix. Dial to customer care of your specific bank or go to the branch that you have an account, and ask them to allow international transactions on your Debit card. You also can use your banking application to do this. But, not all banks allow this action through their application. Otherwise, you can register on PayPal with your bank account for getting a Netflix free trial.

5. Multiple Accounts free trials:-

This way is simple & easy to enjoy watching videos on Netflix. When your free trial expires, you can sign up on Netflix with multiple email addresses and different credit or debit card credentials. The more payment methods you have the more free trials you can enjoy.

Above mentioned are all various working ways to get a Netflix free trial without getting charged. Previously, there were some ways also using Netflix cookies from a legit account, or using duplicate credit card details, etc, but now as Netflix is aware of such tricks, they blocked these fake methods. These are the genuine working methods left as of now. Also, don’t believe anyone who sells you Netflix accounts with a cheap price as they may give you hacked and fake accounts.