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AdClear is a well-known ad blocker developed by XDA Developers that work without rooting your android device. For conceptual information, it creates a VPN-like environment on your android to filter out the ad traffic before it reaches you through the web or via apps. This adblocker can also filter the encrypted Ads. The working of this adblocker is so powerful that it is able to block all types of intrusive and non-intrusive Ads on any app. This app can work with both wifi and cellular data. There is also an option to filter the app selectively.

Download AdClear from here.


YouTube Vanced is a popular Youtube mod that provides a lot better experience than the original app. The Premium Youtube Vanced App has all the features that the YouTube Premium provides. It also has the same base user-interface and design so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. The best part is that it provides a lot of cool features like downloading Video and Audio directly to device storage in different resolutions, background playing, dark-theme and many more. You can also sign in with your Google account and sync the data in order to keep your data safe. This mod is a must-try for anyone that uses Youtube for a good part of the day.

Download Youtube Vanced from here.


OGYouTube is another popular Youtube mod app. Just like Youtube Vanced, it also has the same core user interface as the original Youtube app and the same design. You can also log in using your Google account and sync your data for safety reasons. OGYoutube offers some amazing additional features like an inbuilt AdBlocker, Downloading of videos in different resolutions, Background playing, Dark themes, Pop-Up window and many more. You can also run this app parallel to the original Youtube app. The app doesn’t require a rooted device and is very stable. There is also an option available to do multi-tasking which comes very handy when you want to use other apps along with playing videos.


Ad Blocker for android is a great way to get rid of annoying ads in apps like Youtube, Chrome, Facebook, etc. It is able to block all kinds of annoying ads including pop-ups, autoplay video ads, and audio ads. It filters out intrusive ads and trackers by using the same filter lists we use to block ads in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. This will help you to load any page faster even on slower connections, while also improving battery life. This utility is a must-have for any android user.

Download Ad Blocker for Android from here.

Free AdBlocker Browser is developed by Rocketshield Inc. The main purpose of this browser is to block the annoying ads on your android device. It blocks out the web ads and other intrusive trackers. You can use this browser without worrying in order to have an ad-free web experience. You can use Youtube in this browser to improve your watching experience. This browser can also help you to do fast and secure browsing. This app will remove all kinds of ads including video ads, banners, pop-ups, text ads, etc. This, in turn, will help you to save your data and battery while also making the browsing experience safe and clean.

Download Adblock Browser from here.

6. DNS66

DNS66 is a popular android ad blocker for android. It works on the concept of repository and creates is an encrypted server that filters all kinds of Ads including the intrusive Ads, non-intrusive ads, Pop-ups, banners, etc. This app works not only to blocks ads on YouTube but for all the other apps and browsers. To use it, first, you have to download the DNS66 App by using the link given below and then install it. Next, launch the app and click on Domain Filters, and then click on Adaway Host Files. Then Tap on the power icon present on the home screen of the App. Make sure you download any missing files in case the app prompts. The Ad-blocker will then be activated. This will also boost the privacy and security of your android device.


TubeMate is a popular Youtube video downloader app. The only problem you’ll face while using this app is that it has a somewhat different UI and design than the original Youtube app. This is not a Youtube mod, but a whole different app. However, it is a great option to get rid of the annoying ads on Youtube. You just have to copy the video URL from Youtube and find the video on Tubemate. You can also find videos from many other platforms like Dailymotion, Instagram and many others here. This app offers amazing features like pausing & resuming downloads, background downloading, multiple downloads, inbuilt player and many more.


NewPipe is an open-source, freeware and lightweight alternative to the original YouTube App. It sports a front-end youtube UI and works without the Google API or Google Play Services. This app collects the Youtube websites URL source and displays it in the form of the App. In this manner, this app can prove to be absolute bliss for the low-end devices having limited resources. You can customize the quality of the video playing, download the audio or video in various resolutions, and even play the video in a pop-up box for multi-tasking. The background playing feature is also available which is great to listen to your favorite songs on Youtube.

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