60% discount on any premium theme, template from Themeforest and Codecanyon!!!



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Stop paying full price for your themes / templates / scripts! 60% discount on any premium theme, template from Themeforest and Codecanyon!!!

Available templates: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, PSD, HTML and many others. Basically, All templates are sold under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), which does not prohibit their distribution. But if the theme contains a key, then you will receive it.

The main reason you need to contact us is that we contact the authors, build relationships, and receive discounts for you. Why pay the full price for themes, templates and plugins - BUY FROM US at a big discount, and spend the rest of your money better on SEO, content and advertising!

If I can't get a template like The one you chose, then I'll suggest a dozen similar ones, perhaps even the best ones.

How To Order:
1. Choose your product (s) in any Themeforest & Codecanyon market. Pay attention to their prices and add them all up. The higher the cost of your combined products, the higher your discount will be.
2. Send us (by email [email protected] or telegram @gurucms) links to the topics, templates, scripts, and plugins you need. We will check the availability of information and calculate a discount for you,as a result, you will save money!
3. If everything is good, we will send you an email request for payment, you pay and we will send you your order! It is possible to use a guarantor for your safety! As a result, You get a full-fledged website, script, plugin, much cheaper than ordering from web studios.


how can you offer such low prices? - Because of our connections and various industry partnerships, we can get substantial discounts.

Which trading platforms can I get a discount from ? - Envato (Themeforest, Graphicriver, Codecanyon,..), Wrapbootstrap, Templateworld, Templatemonster, 4templates, Mojo-themes, Chocotemplates, Dreamtemplate, Themefiend. If there?s a website you?d like to get a template from, send us a message and we?ll see what we can do.

Are you doing anything illegal ? - Absolutely not. This is a 100% legitimate process. No cracking or hacking. We reach out to authors and do partnerships.

What if there is an update to my theme ? - Anytime there?s a new version for your item, as long as you made the original purchase from us, we will give you the updated file for a flat rate of $3 (for items less than $20) and $5 (for items exceeding $20 in value). Since we deal with hundreds of customers, we won?t be able to provide you with a notification if there was an update. It will be up to you to contact us.

Does the theme or plugin include a license key? How do you handle updates? - You will get the themepack which we will get download from themeforest. So if the package contain the key you will get inside it .

How long does the order lead time last ? - For a normal order, you?ll get your item in less than a day. For bulk purchases, or for items not in our networks, it could take up to 3 days.

What is your refund policy ? - If we cannot deliver on time, we will issue you a full refund.

What types of payments do you accept ? - Payments will be processed using Payoneer.

Do you make themes and scripts yourself ? - We don't actually make the themes. We provide you with the discount and get them for you on ANY marketplace (e.g. themeforest, templatemonster, codecanyon, etc). Go to themeforest, pick absolutely any theme you want from there - then go to us! Never pay full price for templates on those marketplaces again.

If I buy a theme from you, will I get support from the Creator of the original theme ? - Definitely yes. Buying from us is no different from a direct purchase in the market. You will get everything that the author includes. Original files. These are absolutely not hacked topics !! We have entered into partnerships with these companies, which allows us to receive these discounts legally.

I do not understand If each theme / plugin doesn't have a license, what's the point of buying it from you instead of downloading it for free ? - No its not the free, like what ever comes in the theme or plugin package we will provide if there will be license key in it you will get that too, and what is special of this service is like we don't provide any free or nulled stuff.

I'm going to buy a test version now, but I was wondering why, if we're buying a legitimate license - we can't just email support and ask for the latest version. - The main reason why you need to go through us is that we are the ones contacting the authors, building relationships, getting the discounts for you, and paying them. It's us that they know - so everything really has to go through us.

Remember that whatever files we are giving our customers will be the exact same files just like you purchased the theme yourself from the various marketplaces. We do not touch anything, everything is 100% original. Most of the cracked themes circulating around the internet are 'touched' and that's why you often see resource files, manuals, PSDs, etc. not included. And it's important to read through the script's documentation as to not miss anything !

If you do not receive any theme or plugin, we will refund your money. Therefore, please contact us before placing your order.


mail - [email protected]
telegram - @gurucms