1. browax

    i will buy Valorant Combo List

    hello, I want to buy valorant combo list as private user:pass for a fee. Can friends who will help with this issue share discord?
  2. Joek1ng4312

    Can someone please give me a detailed tutorial on how to make combos?

    I’ve gotten as far as generating key words with dork generator. What do I do after that? I’ve tried a few YouTube videos but they’re either outdated or didn’t work. I’ve been trying to use sqli dumper but apprend proxies doesn’t work. ill have the proxies copied to clipboard and clicking...
  3. combo_sniffer

    Question about where to post - Anonfile Scraper

    Hello, I just wanted to make sure where I should post a question about a technical topic. I thought maybe under coding section but please correct me if this is not the right place. So my question is has anyone write a script that uses request library for automating anonfile links ? I am...