1. Krakendakon

    Europe Learning to crack

    Hey my dudes im learning to crack and i already have some experience from the slayer v0.6 days maybe someone could help me start cracking again? add me on discord krekendakon#3130
  2. Joek1ng4312

    Can someone please give me a detailed tutorial on how to make combos?

    I’ve gotten as far as generating key words with dork generator. What do I do after that? I’ve tried a few YouTube videos but they’re either outdated or didn’t work. I’ve been trying to use sqli dumper but apprend proxies doesn’t work. ill have the proxies copied to clipboard and clicking...
  3. EtoSama19

    Help with SQLI Dumper

    I have recent gotten into using SQLI dumper and have gotten some decent injectable sites, however on one of them that had almost 200K whenever I went to dump the data, it would not work and would always time out. Is there any reason why this would be happening or anything I should change within...

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