Terms and rules

Forum Rules

Posting identical content in different sections can be interpreted as spam. If you are unsure where to post your content, either post a thread in User Support or ask a staff member for assistance.

Posting multiple consecutive replies is considered spam. If for any reason you need to add anything to your post, use the edit function to do so. This does not apply if somone deletes their post situated inbetween two of another user's posts, creating the illusion of a double post.

When posting, keep your responses elegant and educated. Although we will accept the occasional short, 1-word response, if a user is found to be a repeat offender, a warning will be issued

It is up to our staff to differentiate between legitimate content and outright spam. The act of vouch posting or owning vouch threads are both considered general spam if there is no extensive justification of why a user is vouching. The edit function does not safeguard users against previously violated rules. Even if the preceding content was not spam, the staff will consider the post’s current and previous state, resting in their hands the decision of warning the user as they deem fit. Bumping posts without adding content or information is also considered Spam. In order to avoid becoming a target of this rule, use common sense. Posts that are too vague, off-topic in relation to the original post, repetitive, short, or useless can and will fall under this rule.

Users are expected to use good judgement when posting in forum sections. Please post your thread in a section that best suits your topic. Warnings will be issued depending on the severity of the violation.

Members of the community are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. We understand that swearing and the use of foul language can be necessary to strengthen a point, and we most certainly don’t want to restrict the way you express yourself, however constant swearing and vulgar remarks in effort to harass other users is forbidden. Excessive vulgarity is unproductive, irrelevant, and prohibited. Furthermore, harassing or bullying users is not allowed. It is up to our staff to identify the line here and when it is crossed, so make sure not to come close to said line.

Furthermore, any content of a sexual nature such as, but not limited to, “ecchi” and risque content will be removed.

Posting content that contains pointless or excessive use of different fonts, colours, sizes, punctuation, and caps lock is prohibited. Users are authorized to practice other languages, as long as the majority of their content is in English, and their use of linguistics is not exclusive to a different language. However, we will not tolerate continuation of this behavior when another user expresses annoyance due to lack of understanding.

Users are encouraged to consider an appropriate subject for their topics before submitting them to the community. A viewer should be able to grasp a basic understanding of what the thread is just by looking at the title.

Having multiple accounts is always suspicious, and as such if our systems determine that there is another account on your network, we will make the name(s) of that/those account(s) available publicly on your profile. However, you will not be banned for having multiple accounts unless our moderation team determines that you have used a secondary account for malicious purposes, or in specific cases at our administrative discretion.

If a thread has been left inactive for several weeks, do not resurface it. Instead, private message the original poster regarding your concerns and questions.

Vermillion filters content for a reason. Please refrain from spamming or adding pointless content to your posts to bypass length filters. In addition, using spelling variations of blocked words in order to say them is prohibited.

Negative or hateful content directed at any person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or otherwise is not permitted. Regardless of your opinion on controvesial topics, you are expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Derogatory terms are not permitted, even if they are not used in a negative context. To be clear, this rule extends to homophobia, racism, transphobia, and anti-semitism.

This site and the games it supports revolves around some younger users. In efforts to maintain a healthy environment for all, we request that you respect their innocence by keeping such content away from our site.

Fraudulent acts are not permitted on this website. Violation of this rule will lead to the removal of the content in question and appropriate punishment under moderator jurisdiction.

Violation of this rule is illegal and will not be permitted on our site.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to resell another person's work, whether that user is providing their work on verm or elsewhere. While we do not currently disalow the free release of work from off-site sources, you must follow copyright and intellectual property law when doing so.

Situations in which the quality, validity, or existence of a piece of work is in any way questionable, staff may request a copy of the content for verification if you wish to sell it. If you would prefer not to share the product, we may ask that you not sell it.

Bans resultant from violations of this rule will not be revoked. Unless given explicit permission, do not attempt to circumvent any of our security measures or automate any processes.


This rule applies to user titles and usernames as well.

Avatar Etiquette:Click for more info. Images are subject to the same rules regarding, but not limited to pornography and vulgarity outlined above.

Offsite Linking

While we encourage you to use common sense and good judgement, feel free to ask a staff member when you are unsure whether or not your intended post would fall under this category.

If the file size is too large for virus total to read (Greater than 512MB) then it is not permitted on this site, unless the download is separated in small parts that are able to be scanned. Download links unaccompanied by a virus total scan will be removed, and there will be an on-going investigation regarding the possible violation of rule 4E. Intentionally accompanying a download with a false virus total link in efforts to hide malware is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence.

This rule applies regardless of whether or not you know the file is malicious. If you are unsure, do not post the file nor ask the community if it is malicious. Violators of this rule will be dealt with accordingly, for the safety of our community.

Files designed to ‘troll’ users by promising to be something they’re not will be treated as malware, and a violation of rule 2E.

As a result, section 4 of the rules will apply to it. Examples are images and videos embedded through our [img] and [video] tags.

This applies to, but is not limited to, link shorteners such as goo.gl, bit.ly, and adf.ly . In addition, links that are intentionally hid by users in spoilers or broken up into sections fall under this rule.

Malware can easily be associated with torrent files since torrenting is most often used for the distribution of malicious files. For the safety of the community, we ask that you do not provide links to these sources.

This rule applies to referral sites, other forum boards, and any other site used for this purpose.


Signatures must be less than 200 pixels and of the lowest file size you can manage to ensure optimal page loading times. This can be overlooked if your signature is placed inside of a spoiler tag using the correct code during the editing process.

This includes copying a staff members signature, claiming to be one in your own, or otherwise implying that you have site status.


If the need for a fifth warning arises, a 1-week ban will be issued. If the user violates another rule after being banned for 5 strikes and none of their warnings have expired, they will receive another temporary ban.

If the staff member who issued a warning feels you were mistreated, they will remove a warning. On the other hand, if they notice you are being irrational, childish, and/or argumentative, it will lead to an additional warning as stated in the above rule.

Acts that fall under circumvention include but are not limited to, re-registering or using an already registered account under a non-banned username, changing IP addresses, using a new email account, or any other action that can be taken to hide your identity as the owner of the sanctioned account.

Moderator actions will ALWAYS be based on the rules, however a moderator reserves the right to act accordingly and rightfully when they believe is necessary to establish order and maintain control.

Since permanent bans are a last resort mechanism, large amounts of speculation and thought are put into reasons for issuing a permanent ban. While Vermillion may consider lifting permanent bans from time to time, this is a very rare circumstance.

Because as the rules can never cover every possible issue, it is imperative that staff members are allowed a certain degree of autonomy. For this reason, they can still warn you for non-rules providing they justify their action.

Abuse or exploitation of this system may result in the revocation of Private Messaging privileges, as well as appropriate warnings and bans depending on the offence.

As a result, we are just as inclined to punish members in the on the site if they break any site rules while in the chatbox.


Such 'information' includes, but is not limited to: Names IP Addresses Email Addresses Social Media Pages Skype Names Content from Private Messages The only exception to this rule being if the person whose information is being shared permits it. Privacy is important to us, as it is to many of the members of Vermillion. All content posted by any member of this site is to be kept on this site, unless the original poster of the content explicitly says otherwise. In addition, private messages are to remain private, and without explicit permission, content that users email to you privately is to stay between those users, you, and staff members. Some information is private for a reason. Requesting or explicitly asking for private information will not be tolerated.

Chat Box

Passive bots are idle bots that record and log messages sent through the chat. These bots do not send messages or take commands, which is allowed in the chatbox. On the other hand, the use of bots that take commands and talk in chat is prohibited unless stated otherwise by a staff member.